Poppy Dee is originally from London, her influences are the likes of Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Joss Stone and Nancy Wilson. She was brought up listening to Motown, Soul and The Beatles! Poppy is a Soul lover to the bone, but in recent years, she threw herself into Jazz and Vintage Pop, and grew a passion for arranging modern songs into Vintage sounding pieces. Not only is it fun, it is unique and great for everyone to dance to.


Poppy performed her first song on stage in London at 10 years old. She lived in Spain for 5 years, teaching Music, performing and running a Motown Bar. She came home to the UK to be with her family, and after an unwelcome break from performing, is back doing what she loves the most. Catch her throughout the UK, follow her on Instagram, Songkick and Twitter to find out where she will be appearing next. Poppy has recently opened a jazz cafe called Django's. It is based on the Isle of Wight, on Staplers rd. She sings once a week there, and hosts a range of live music. The cafe offers 100% plant based tapas.


Poppy has performed at prestigious Theatres in London from a young age, including The Stag Theatre, Her Majesty's Theatre and The Royal Albert Hall.

"I have known Poppy some time now and she has a great outlook on life and Music.
She is not afraid of change and adventure, and has a very natural and mature singing voice.
And covers a great range of song styles.
I wish her all the best with her new restaurant and Musical journey."

                                                             - Gary Plumley, Saxophonist

poppy dee